Friday, 27 April 2012


When we wish to do so, we can recall and relive in our minds some of those critical moments in our past and wonder how the outcomes might have been altered if we had only done just one thing differently, however, we can never go back and try to live those moments of life again.

We cannot avoid life’s decisions and the pains or joys that may follow. We have no choice but to live with our decisions as well as the consequences. The harsh reality of life is that happiness does not always follow sorrow. The balm is that sorrow does not always follow happiness.

Wisdom is knowing the difference between giving up too easily too soon and the futility of fighting against the will of God. Misery and heartache come from not being able to distinguish between the two.

The increasing distance of advancing time allows us to colour events; to see memories as they were, if they ever truly were, and to imagine how events could have been had they actually occurred. With the passing of decades fact and fiction become impossible to clearly distinguish but then again recalling a story rarely requires colouring only within the lines. A word of caution though: doors closed should always remain closed.


Nonetheless life's realities are that the years will continue to pass, people we knew will have changed, our memories will fade and our lives will go on until we are finally called home. 

The Oddblock Station Agent

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